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If you want to start from scratch then “Macros from Square One” will walk you through the very first stages. It’s available as a Word file download in a Mac version and a PC version.

An even simpler start-up to at least try out a few macros is “Macros Free Trial”. It, too, is available as a Word file download, which covers both Mac and PC.

You can download my whole book, but there’s also a really useful Macro Menu, where the macros are grouped under 24 categories.
From that list you can select and then download the particular macro you want, and also get a PDF of the book section where the macro’s function is explained.

There’s also a dated list of macros, so you can check if any given macro has been updated recently.

The individual sections of the book are listed and linked below, so you can easily get the latest PDFs version of each.

Macros for Editors

General introduction

Introduction to macros

Downloading and running macros

Favourite tools of editors

Favourite tools of proofreaders

Proofreading a book – a possible workflow

Book editing – a possible workflow

Tools for different aspects of editing

Macro Menu – complete macro tools list

Textual analysis

Main pre-editing tool – FRedit

Pre-editing tools

Editing – text change

Editing – information

Editing – highlighting

Editing – navigation

Editing – comment handling

Editing – track changes

Other tools

Appendix 1 – Codes for F&R

Appendix 2 – Codes for non-wildcard F&R

Appendix 3 – Codes for wildcard F&R

Appendix 4 – Some useful wildcard expressions

Appendix 5 – ASCII codes

Appendix 6 – Useful unicode numbers

Appendix 7 – Sample stylesheet

Appendix 8 – Sample FRedit list

Appendix 9 – Word 365 options

Appendix 10 – Word 365 menu items

Appendix 11 – Word 2010 options

Appendix 12 – Backing up the Normal Template

Appendix 13 – Word Macro Techniques

Appendix 14 – Video list

Appendix 15 – Macros on video

Appendix 16 – FRedit library

Changes log