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Starting macros

If you’re totally new to macros, the best bet is to head across to our other website, and the Starting macros page.

Free videos

To help you get to grips more easily with Word macros, we've prepared a whole set of training videos. Check out my You Tube channel.

The channel is totally unstructured, sadly, and there are over 170 videos (over 30 hours of free training!), but there’s a list of the videos (a Word file download), stating which macros each video features.


A powerful scripted global find and replace system (latest version: 7 December 2023).

“I downloaded [FRedit] … to see how it would work with a Spanish article that I’m editing. I have to report that the macro is FABULOUS! I usually spend a lot of time hanging accents on words that are supposed to have them; after setting up the script file as directed, I ran the macro and wiped a significant amount of time off the editing process. It wasn’t difficult and the time saved is enormous.”

Also available in FRedit from Square One, a downloadable training module to lead you though the first stages of getting to grips with FRedit. You'll also find this in the Square_One folder in the FRedit download.

(See the videos about FRedit, Parts 0 to 7 on my You Tube channel.)