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A few satisfied customers …

“I wish to thank Paul Beverley for his valuable editing assistance and for carefully improving my English.”

Gian Francesco Giudice, Author of A Zeptospace Odyssey (a Journey into the Physics of the LHC) – quoted from the Acknowledgements – CERN

“CITB ConstructionSkills develops and publishes a wide range of training materials. At extremely short notice, Paul took on the job of copy-editing a series of 800-page manuals for us. These materials needed a lot of work doing to them, and he made a very good job of it, for which we are extremely grateful. It allowed us to meet our deadlines for publishing.”

Nick Gooderson, Head of Standards and Qualifications, CITB ConstructionSkills

“Paul stepped in at the last minute and proofread our 160-page magazine when our regular proofreader let us down. He made a great job of it, and we met our printing deadline. Paul has since continued to do the job for us on a regular basis [for over 6 years now].”

Peter Mercer, Senior Editor, Industry Europe

“Last but not least, we want to work with you again, as we appreciate the way and quality of your work very, very much!! ”

German-speaking technical publisher