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Free book: Macros for Editors

Macros for Editors is a free book, which you can download (version: 07 Sept 2020). It contains over 750 macros that will help with a range of different tasks around writing and editing using Microsoft Word.

(If you are already using some of the macros and want to know if any given macro has been updated recently, a dated list of all the macros is available here.)

With the computer’s help, you can have …

greater accuracy

Computers are good making repetitive changes – they don’t get bored and tired and then miss things.

greater speed

Not only can they speed up the repetitive jobs, but while you are reading, you can use them to make small changes so that you can maintain your focus on the meaning of the text.

more enjoyment

If the computer is doing the boring bits, you can enjoy the challenge of engaging with the text, improving the way the ideas are communicated and just reading an interesting book!

Mac users

You can use all the same macros, provided you have Word 2011 or later. (There's no macro support in Word 2008.)