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Free macros

For over 30 years, Paul Beverley has used his programming ability to complement his writing and editing skills. Latterly he has decided to make his Word macros freely available to other writers and editors and has put them in a free book, Macros for Editors, which you can download from this website. The most powerful macro, FRedit, is available separately (but still free).

For greater benefit from the (well over 600) macros, we offer training for large or small groups, from the level of ‘What is a macro?!’, right up to macro power-users.

“Thank you again for this brilliant set of tools. I also appreciate your very engaging, conversational style in the book, along with your clear, precise instructions. You’ve guided this technophobe into a whole new world. I’ve been trying to find out about macros and, specifically, macros for editing. Your book and your macros are a real treasure.” RB, Montreal

Beginners start here

If you’re totally new to macros, I have extracted some of the introductory material from my book so that you can get a feel of what’s possible and whether it’s the sort of thing you can tackle. (Personally, I think you need less technical ability to get started using my macros than you do to record and use a macro of your own.) The Word file is available here.

The extract also points to my Starter Pack, a set of easy-to-load-and-use macros that will give you a good selection of macros to start with (equally useful for proofreading and editing).

Free videos

To help you get to grips more easily with Word macros, I've prepared a whole set of videos. Check out my You Tube channel.

The channel is totally unstructured, but on this website there’s a list of the videos, stating which macros they feature, so you can search the list for a particular macro.


A powerful scripted global find and replace system (latest version: 30 June 2019).

“I downloaded [it] … to see how it would work with a Spanish article that I’m editing. I have to report that the macro is FABULOUS! I usually spend a lot of time hanging accents on words that are supposed to have them; after setting up the script file as directed, I ran the macro and wiped a significant amount of time off the editing process. It wasn’t difficult and the time saved is enormous.”

(See my videos about FRedit, Parts 0 to 7 on my You Tube channel.)